6.Extra-Busines Activities

6.1. Research Activities
RPI is conducting some research activities. For example, RPI operates as a secretariat of a series of research meetings for renovation of deteriorated inner city districts on a non-profit basis.
6.2. Temporary Settlement System Development for Earthquake Victims
RPI is an active member of a research and development group for social experiments of temporary settlement systems for earthquake victims. The non-profit-making group comprising planners and university staff is holding various events involving local communities for disaster management.
6.3. Lectures at International Seminars/Conferences
Staff members of RPI occasionally provide lectures at international seminars or conferences on various development issues. In 2007, the International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development (ICCEED), Toyohashi University of Technology invited our staff member to give a presentation on “Effective Collaboration between Engineering Universities and Industries”at an open forum jointly held by JICA and the university.